Our Kids

Sabreena Shanthoshi Rajan was born in 1995 and Prithiv Hari Rajan was born in 1997. Here are some pictures of our little ones.


Cutest kids on the planet

Yuen Lui Portrait from Jan 2002

Prithiv School Portrait

Sabree and Prithiv when Prithiv was about 1

With Anjana

Two close friends

Simran and Rambha

Pachai Niramae Dance from Tamil Sangam 2001

Yellow Girls from Tamil Sangam 2001

Sabree is 3 and Prithiv is 1

Sabree as Cleopatra for Tamil Sangam

Cousins line up on the stairs

Mithilla and Shilpa holding Prithiv - Summer 2001

Sabree and Naveena - Summer 2001

Mithilla giving a pibbyback ride

Kids with me on Sabree's 6th Birthday

Sabree's 6th Birthday

Balavihar - 2001

Prithiv in the cockpit

Prithiv with Mithilla and Vignesh

Prithiv, the Astronaut

Sabree and the Walrus

Sabree kindergarten graduation

Sabree with her cousins

Sabree after Piano recital

Sabree with Piano teacher Jill

Sabree, Karthik, Suggu at Ocean Shores

Sabree, Prithiv Flying Kite at Ocean Shores

Sabree, Prithiv, Ishita at Balavihar

Sabree, the Astronaut

Sankar and kids in the hot tub at Ocean Shores

Soma and kids at the Point Defiance Zoo

Wright Brother Flight Musuem

Wright Brother Flight Musuem 2

Wright Brother Flight Musuem 3

With Raksha