Family Album

Some family pictures scanned in over the years


My Dad

Sujatha in 1996

In Dayton with my mom, summer 1999

After Sabree mottai with Ammachi

The two of us in 1996

Sujatha with Sabree as a baby

After Sabree mottai with Ammachi and Thaatha

Hells Canyon, Idaho, Summer 2000

Mithilla and Vignesh

Mithilla and Vignesh all grown up

In India with Seenu and family. Dec 2000

Marymoor hill House-warming

New Year 2001

New Year 2001

New Year 2001

Jaya and Sabree in 1998

Summer 2001 in Mt. Saint Helens

Summer 2001 in Mt. Saint Helens

Our Wedding Anniversary 2001

Geethaakka and Mummy - Summer 2001

Geethaakka's wedding anniversary - Summer 2001

Family picture in Dayton - Summer 2001

My mom and mother-in-law

Sabree with with both paatis and Shilpa and Naveena - Summer 2001

Cousins cooling off in their swimsuits - Summer 2001

Cousins having fun in a lake - Summer 2001

Cousins lines up on the stairs - Summer 2001

Mithilla and Shilpa holding Prithiv - Summer 2001

Sabree and Naveena - Summer 2001

Piggy back on Mithilla - Summer 2001

Sujatha, Prithiv and Vignesh in Dayton - Summer 2001

With Abhi in San Antonio - Year 2000

With Mohan Gandhi at Alamo - Y2000

With Jaya at Alamo - Y2000

Our family in our first home

With my kids

My mother-in-law looking like a very strict school teacher

Prabhakar, Mother-in-law and me

Halloween 2000

Halloween 2000