November and early December 2010 (My niece Mitila visits us)


My niece Mitila made her first ever trip to Seattle and to our home. It was a LOT of fun. The kids had a blast. Sabreena especially bonded well with Mitila and the two of them hung out together for the two weeks. The weather was very bad but we were still able to go up the mountains to the ski areas, Snoqualmie falls and Seattle downtown including the Space Needle. We were all sad to see Mitila's trip end so quickly and we are looking forward to more time with her in the future. During this time we were also looking to buy a puppy for Sabreena. We finally found one exactly like what Sabreena wanted - as you can see in the pictures, the puppy is very cute. We are yet to bring it home and name it. This should happen by New Year's eve. I also have some pictures of Kylah taken in her school during this time.

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