August-Sept 2009 (Kylah B'day, Grand Coulee Dam RV Trip)


This was one of the best summers we have ever seen in Seattle. The weather was excellent and we had more sunny days this summer than we can ever remember. We made good use of the summer. We had my mom and my father-in-law staying with us during the summer. We also had lot of parties, get-togethers etc. with our friends. The 2 significant events during the August-September timeframe were Kylah's 3rd birthday and our RV trip to the Sunbanks Resort near Grand Coulee dam. Kylah is growing up and she really enjoyed this birthday. It was not as big has her first birthday but it was still a fun event. We had a bunch of kids her age and their parents over for the party and we had puppet show.

The other big event in these 2 months was the RV trip. We had a few other families joining us to make the whole trip a lot of fun - Ravi-Lavanya, Vidhu, Rajavel-Priya, Raghu-Guna and our new friends Dilip-Vidhya all came with their families. There were a ton of kids and they had a blast. Along with the RV, we also rented a house in the Sunbanks Resort. The place was great. It is on a lake and we went boating on the lake. We did water tubing on the lake as well - the kids did terrific. I attempted to do the same and promptly toppled over and had to be dragged back to boat  :-). Very embarrassing!!

There are also a couple of pictures of Sabreena and her friend Shilpa from the Puyallup fair in September.

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