Family is back together, lots of guests for cousin's wedding


Sabreena finished her school year successfully in Bangalore, India. She had a blast in Bangalore. So did Sujatha and Kylah. Sabreena especially had a fantastic experience. She had a great social life and made a bunch of wonderful friends. She was so happy that it made me guilty about bringing all of them back to Seattle. But Prithiv and I missed them too much and so we decided to end the Bangalore experiment even though it was very successful.

Once Sujatha and the girls came back we had a ton of guests visiting and staying with us which kept us very busy and did not give us any time to think about whether we were making a mistake. First our friends Ram, Valar and family from Bangalore came and stayed with us for a month. Then Sujatha's cousin Satya got married in Seattle to a Punjabi bride, Rachel. So we had Sujatha's relatives come and stay with us. Her cousin sisters Jaya and Priya (from India) came with their families. We showed them around the Seattle area. It was a lot of fun for all of us, especially the kids. The wedding itself was also a lot of fun. It is very rare to have a family wedding in the US. The additional novelty was that this was a Punjabi style wedding. We all had to have our head covered while we were in the Gurdwara where the wedding ceremony was. Kylah danced a lot in the parties. So overall it was a unique, fun experience for all of us.

I have pictures here all the way from Sabreena having farewell sleepover parties in India, final round of temple visits in India, Ram/Valar visit, relatives staying with us for the wedding and the wedding related events.