The Ladies Move To India (Sep - Dec 2008)


We made a major decision in Summer of 2008 to send Sabreena to Bangalore for her 8th grade schooling. It was major decision, but we made the decision rather quickly and unexpectedly when we were vacationing in Bangalore during the summer. We decided that Sujatha, Sabree and Kylah would rent a home and move to Bangalore while I would single parent Prithiv in the US. A very complicated setup but things have gone quite well so far. Sabreena especially has made a lot of great friends and also has managed to collect a variety of pets.

The ladies moved to India on September 9th. Prithiv and I missed them a lot, so Sujatha and Kylah came back and spent the November with us. Prithiv and I then went to Bangalore for our vacation for 3 weeks in December.  My mom and sister visited us for a week while we were there. Later we celebrated the New Year's as a family instead of the usual huge parties we have had in the US for the past several years. We also celebrated my birthday in Bangalore coincidentally during the time our friends Natti - Meena  family were visiting us.

The pictures are from the time the ladies are about to leave Seattle to the time of my birthday of 2009.