India Trip 2008 (Jul - Aug)


These are pictures from the early part of Summer of 2008.

At the start of summer, we went hiking with Madan-Rani family to the Twin Falls area - it was spectacular. Next we spent a big chunk of the summer in India. We travelled more within India than we usually do. We spent a week in Kerala with our long term friends Mohan-Usha and family. Ram-Valar, Venkatachalam-Padma families also joined us for part of that time and we went to a few nice places apart from relaxing in Mohan-Usha's new home. We went to the Adhirapalli falls, next we took a 2 day boat house cruise to Kumaragom and then we stayed at the Coconut Lagoon Resort in Kumaragom. There are a few pictures of us on the house boat playing cards, having dinner etc. There are also pictures of us relaxing at the Resort. All of us enjoyed the whole Kerala experience a lot.

We also a spent a week in Bangalore - I was mostly occupied with Microsoft work related activities. So I stayed at the Leela Palace. But Sujatha and the kids spent the time mostly with Ram-Valar and family who are now settled in Bangalore.

Finally back in Chennai, we had our 20th anniversary college reunion. We got caught up with about 20 of our friends and their families. Lots of great reminiscing. There are also some pictures here of Kylah playing with her friend Sandhya who lives in the neighboring apartment in India.