India Trip 2007 (June to August)

These are pictures from our India Trip. Sujatha and the kids went there in June and I joined them in early July after a most horrible trip through London when the airport there was shutdown due to terrorist activities - I was stuck in the airport and had to sleep on the floor for 2 days.

The trip was very hectic but mostly fun. First off, we went on a temple trip through south Tamil Nadu - Thirukadaiyur, Thirunallaru, Thirukarukavur etc. There are some interesting 'Ayusu Homam' pictures from the trip - usually younger generation does this ceremony for the older generation. This time however the previous generation did it for us!!

The next big event was Prithiv and me going to Sabrimalai. Prithiv was very cooperative and actually enjoyed the whole experience and now wants to go to Sabrimalai several times in his lifetime.

The third big event was Kylah's mottai. That was big day for her - apart from the mottai, she also had her ears pierced and she also took her first steps!!

Finally, we managed to meet some of our college friends who are in Chennai after a gap of 19 years in some cases!!. It was good to see all our kids play together.