Niagara Falls 2006

We made a great trip to Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Toronto. Sujatha was 7 months pregnant during this trip but she still enjoyed the trip quite a bit as did the kids. In Niagara Falls we stayed at the Embassy Suites from where the view was spectacular. In Toronto we went to the CN Tower where the glass bottom floor was an unique, scary experience. On the way from Niagara falls to Toronto we took the African Lion Safari which is the best Safari we have been to in US/Canada.

In Buffalo we stayed with Sridhar, Meena, Nisha and Ajay. They were wonderful hosts. Our kids had a blast with Nisha and Ajay. I visited my old digs in Buffalo after a gap of 16 years - University of Buffalo where I did my masters and also the first house I lived in. This was a memorable experience.

A fun  trip overall.