London, Paris, Dayton and Ocean Shores Trip Pictures

Here are the pictures from our recent trip to London, Paris and Dayton. There are also some pictures from our trip to Ocean Shores, Sabree's Piano recital, Mohan's farewell etc.


Big Ben

From the top of 'London Eye'

London Bridge

My new home

With the gaurd

Raja and Sujatha at the British Museum

Steven begging Sujatha to act in his film

The 2 greatest batsmen of all time

The name is Rajan, Raja Rajan

Three Great Cricketers

Three superstars

The Kiss

Tough Guys

Sujatha and 'The Face'

Sujatha and the Soldier Bear

Sujatha at the Tower of London

Sujatha at the Windsor castle

In front of the Church of Notre Dame

Napolean's Tomb

On The Eiffel Tower

Sujatha in front of the Louvre Musuem

Sujatha in the Louvre Musuem

Venus of Milo