India Trip 2003: Parents, In-laws, relatives, friends and Sivakumar.

We were in India from June-August 2003. We traveled to Sabrimalai, Cochin, Ooty, Coimbatore, Hyderabad,  Trichy, Madurai etc. These are pictures we took with our parents, in-laws, relatives, friend etc. There are also pictures with film actor Sivakumar.


Kids with their grandma

Sabree with my mom

Prithiv with my mom

Sabree with my mother-in-law

Sivakumar with the kids

My 20 year friend Muruganandham who is the collector of Coimbatore

My 25 year close friend Murugan

Sabree and Appu

Hyderbad: The kids and their US gang

Hyderbad: Sujatha and kids with Pavithra

Cochin: Sabree and Anju

Cochin: My mother-in-law with Usha and her mom

My dindigul Aunty and Uncle

Sabree and her second cousin Nivetha

Sabree and her second cousin who is also called Prithiv

Sujatha's cousin Devi with her kid and Sabree

Sujatha's Uncle and Aunty with their grandson

Sujatha's cousin Devi and her son who is also called Prithiv

Sujatha with her cousin's son Prithiv

Prithiv and his second cousin Prithiv!!

Sujatha's relative Seenu and family

With Seenu

With my aunty Subha and her son Karthik

Sujatha's relative Meenu's age function.

Sabree with Sujatha's Trichy Uncle and Aunty

Trichy: Kids with some second cousins etc.

Kids with my friend Murugan's kids

Sujatha with her cousin Amudha

Trichy: Kids with their cousins etc.

Sujatha's cousins from Trichy

Madurai: Kids with their cousins etc.

Madurai: Kids with their great grandmother

Kids with Appu

Madras: Mohan with the kids and me.

Chennai: Sujatha, my mother-in-law and Usha