Deepavali 2004 Dances

We again had some great dances for this year's Deepavali. We repeated Sa Re Ga Me (Secret of Success) at IAWW and it was a big hit there too. Next we had the Seattle Tamil Sangam Deepavali programs. Crazy Mohan and troupe performed a hit play. During this program Sabreena and her friends Shilpa and Mitra performed the 'Amuthe Thamizhey' song. Sabreena and Prithiv next perfomed in a medley of film songs with a theme based on different professions. Finally we had our Encore dance group perform a rousing dance to the super hit Tamil song 'Appadi Podu'. Even Crazy Mohan was super impressed by the performances of the kids.

Please download the videos and play it from your computer.

Click here pictures for these programs

'Sa Re Ga Me - Secret of Success' at IAWW

'Amuthe Thamizhey' song sung by Sabreena and friends

'Professional Medley' with Sabreena and Prithiv dancing in different parts

'Appadi Podu' by Encore